How to Bet on Boxing and Martial Arts in General

Boxing and martial arts have existed for quite a long time. If we try to dive deeper into the history of boxing, we may discover that this discipline is rooted in Ancient Greece and is …

Boxing and martial arts have existed for quite a long time. If we try to dive deeper into the history of boxing, we may discover that this discipline is rooted in Ancient Greece and is one of the oldest in the world. For a long time, it was banned as it was considered to be very cruel, but since the beginning of the 20th century, it has become legal, and 100 years later, it is one of the biggest and most expensive sports.

As for MMA, another popular fighting sport, it is a mixture of other disciplines like wrestling, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and so on. This sport began to take shape in the 20th century, and many people adore it for its various hybrid styles. Modern MMA began in 1993 with the foundation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And nowadays, there are a lot of rules that regulate the fight to be safe. And if you’re familiar with these rules, it’s even better, as you’re more likely to make accurate predictions. Nowadays, there are a lot of sportsbook companies that include MMA in their list of betting options.

It is not surprising that punters adore placing bets on these options, as the action is thrilling and exciting. But we may wonder how to place bets correctly and win! You may use various sportsbooks and methods to do it. For example, you want to bet on Sportpesa via the SMS number. Or you will do that using an application. All of these methods are convenient. However, in today’s article, we are going to shed some light on how to do it successfully and thoroughly explain the nuances of bets in martial arts. 

Types of Bets on MMA and Boxing 

Before we learn how to place bets and win, we have to become experts in the field of different types of bets in these disciplines. Undoubtedly, there are some differences from other sports, and our role is to teach you that. If we look closer at the boxing and MMA markets, we may notice that the difference is not huge. However, we have created a table that may be useful in this betting journey.

Victory It is the main and most straightforward market, as the outcome depends on whether your favorite wins or not. We highly recommend this method, as it is simple and allows you to better understand the internal kitchen of boxing. DrawIt means that there is no winner at all. We do not recommend this outcome, as it is quite rare in martial arts disciplines. Early victory As the name implies, in this case, we bet on the early victory of our favorite. It includes a technical knockout, disqualification, or a fighter refusing to continue the match. Win by pointsTo bet on this type with a positive result, you have to predict who is going to be the winner, which is earned during the entire fight. However, this victory may be awarded only by referring. So the fight has to finish completely. Round betting  Boxing bouts are divided into 12 rounds, and you have to predict the specific round when a fighter knocks off their rival. This is a very advanced and unpredictable type of bet; however, it usually has generous odds and winnings. Number of roundsTo win this bet, you have to guess how many rounds the entire bout takes.Head to head 
This type of bet implies that you have to guess who is going to win in the bout. 
Total rounds
There are 3 to 5 rounds in one fight. So, the punter must predict the round where the fight will end. Usually, fights at lower weight classes tend to go longer, whereas in high weight bouts may finish faster due to the high knockout power. 
Method of victory
The outcome has three variants – decision, KO, or submission.
Distance of the fight 
In this type of bet, you have to guess whether the fight goes to the decision or it will be finished early. 

Betting Strategies 

Now that you are familiar with the types of bets on MMA and boxing, we may consider how to bet and win. Before we begin, we want to convince you that, at any cost, you have to avoid placing bets on these and other sports with huge sums of money. Taking risks may play a bad joke on you, as with big wins come a lot of complications. All of the strategies that we are going to enlist are worthless if you don’t control your budget properly. 

Analyze Information 

Before you place a stake in somebody, you must research the match. There are so many variables that affect the outcome of a match, and you have to take into account each and every one of them. Not only do you have to know how the fight and betting types function, but you also have to take a closer look at the backgrounds of the participants in the bout. Here are some features that are worth your attention:

  • Public opinion
  • Professional forecasts
  • Strengths and physical size of the participants
  • Prior and current injuries
  • Fighter’s motivation
  • Previous fights’ record

You should definitely avoid choosing a participant who does not differ physically or mentally from the rival. By gathering and analyzing this information, you are more likely to place a successful bet. We know this takes a lot of time, but it is so rewarding to see that all of your efforts were not meaningless as you see the prize money. Nevertheless, this doesn’t guarantee accurate forecasting of outcomes because fighters are not immune from unpredictable circumstances.

Avoid Personal Biases

Favorites are the players of teams that we are more likely to choose. This is due to the halo effect, a cognitive bias in which a person tends to go for things by relying on previous experiences and formed beliefs. Due to this psychological distortion, you would place a bet on a fighter who is objectively an underdog in the upcoming bout. Still, you genuinely believe they win, and eventually, this doesn’t happen. We advise you to filter out your preferences if your goal is to place successful bets. Don’t worry if you avoid placing bets on your favorite or placing them on their rival; you won’t betray them this way! 


So now that you are well aware of the nuances of the most popular martial arts that online bookmakers represent, you understand that placing stakes in them is not as easy as it may seem. There is a difference between the types of bets on martial arts and other sports disciplines. As we have already mentioned, there is a smaller chance of a draw, which is used a lot by arbitrage betting fans. However, we advise you to consider other strategies like proper budget management, avoiding bias in betting on your favorites, a well-organized analysis of the bout’s fighters, and other variables. Not only do you imply these tools and martial arts betting, but in other disciplines as well. We hope that the information that we gave you will spice up your betting experience with a permanent win streak!

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