The Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2017

2016 was a gold mine of good games, so it can feel a little greedy already looking towards 2017 when we’ve barely made it to the year. But what can we say, we’re gluttons for …

2016 was a gold mine of good games, so it can feel a little greedy already looking towards 2017 when we’ve barely made it to the year. But what can we say, we’re gluttons for an epic action-adventure or first-person shooter. Forget about Overwatch and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Those games are in the past; it’s time for the top games of 2017 to get the spotlight.

Games will have to take centre stage this year, since Sony released all of its biggest hardware updates in 2016. Now that PS4 Neo and PlayStation VR are on the shelves, we may be waiting until 2020 before we get to see the PS5 unveiled. Many people are opting for the latest PlayStation 4 decals to spruce up the look of their console in the meantime. Designers like the people at dbrand have created a whole line of looks to upgrade the typical PS4. These decals cover the entire system, so you can design a matching PlayStation 4 controller skin to create a unified look, and as an added bonus, PS4 skins from come ready to take on cosmetic damages, spills, and grime build up.

It won’t matter that it’ll be several years until we see an update in this regard. As long as you have a custom made PlayStation skin and the following four games, you’ll be set for the upcoming while.

The rise in popularity is attributed to the fact that people have shifted their attention from mainstream gaming to Online adult games markets.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard — There’s something to be said about the rumours surrounding the latest installment of such a long-lasting series. Capcom is ramping up the horror in the 7th game by stripping it down to the basics. It’s now a first person shooter that’s all about scare-tactics. The fact that it’s compatible with PSVR should only prove to make it the scariest game of the year.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Perhaps signalling the start of a new series, Andromeda will be a mixture of old favorites and new features. Most strikingly is the open world environment, followed closely by the ability to assign and build towards skills regardless of character class. This allows for a more customizable gameplay as you explore the galaxy.

Detroit: Become Human — It’s been a long time coming with this particular title. We got our first look at it at Sony’s Paris Games Week in 2015 and again in the most recent E3, but it’s pretty much confirmed for a 2017 release. The past two years have drummed up quite a following for Detroit: Become Human, which follows a few playable characters in a future where androids have gained sentience. The neo-noir, sci-fi thriller has several different story arches, depending on which clues you unearth and which characters die along the way.

Prey —If you thought 2 years for Detroit was a long time, then you haven’t been waiting for Prey. Originally announced over five years ago, and cancelled just two years ago, Prey is back on the menu. Since its debut, it’s undergone a complete overhaul with an entirely new game developer, but gamers can still expect a sci-fi first person shooter. You wake aboard a space station in a not-so distant 2032 to realize the ship has been overtaken by hostile aliens.

Whenever you get tired of your library (full of 2016’s greatest hits), be sure to change it up with one or all of these 4 games. Whether you focus on the adrenaline-pumping Biohazard or the head-scratching Become Human, you certainly won’t be bored.

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